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Two varying metals, one cohesive idea, a plan for the future. This two tone, layered mixed metal band is meant to wear forever. The sterling silver and 14k yellow gold are soldered by hand, blending naturally the warmth of gold with the brightness of sterling silver. The silver will patina with time and life experience. The gold will be bright forever, and together they will look good, real good, for life. 

This band has a slight hammered texture and a matte finish. Its a rough band, intended to look worn and hand made. If you a perfectionist, this probably isn't the band for you.

Other finishes are available. Please inquire for more details and options.

The sterling silver will develop a patina with wear. This can be a beautiful evolution of your ring, or can be easily polished away for the bright new look. 


2mm of 14k yellow gold layered between 2 mm of sterling silver on each side. Band measures approximately 6 mm wide x 2 mm thick.