Representing your love with a ring is an important step and can be one of the larger purchases you might make in life. To make a confident investment you need to understand how diamonds and gemstones are valued, but more important, you need to know what YOU value. Not everyone wants the same thing. We offer a variety of different center stone options ranging from brilliant white diamonds, to American mined inlay. Diamonds can be the center of the ring or just an accent if they are wanted at all.

Talk with your partner about what the two of you value and want to invest in. Then you can make a more confident decision on what will represent you love!

For all WHITE DIAMOND SOLITAIRES we use SI2+, GHI+, CONFLICT FREE stones. This means that any inclusions are unable to be seen by the eye without 10x magnification and that they are NEAR COLORLESS. We are confident with this grading classification of diamond, however we can help source a stone above these guidelines for you.

For our ROUND BRILLIANT diamonds we offer either .50ct or 1ct. For our TEARDROP we offer either a .33ct or 1ct. For our ASSCHER we offer either a .75ct or 1ct. For our APEX TRIANGLE we offer a .50ct. Please reach out via email for inquiries about a DIAMOND of a different carat weight.

At this time we DO NOT work with heirloom stones.