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A unique set of earrings, that are as versatile as they are beautiful! The SELENE ear jacket hangs below your earlobe and is able to swing freely because its attached though a loop the back of a 14k yellow gold DASH stud earrings. You can add the ear jackets to any existing pair of earrings you might already own for a really creative look!

These earrings feature beautiful pieces of hand cut Peacock Turquoise from Nevada.

The sterling silver used in this piece will develop a darker patina with wear. We love using mixed metals for this very reason. The dark patina looks beautiful next to the warm 14k yellow gold which will stay bright forever. If you prefer the look of the bright white silver, all you need to do is polish the silver back to its original shine. We include a polishing cloth in every order for this very reason!


14k recycled yellow gold, sterling silver and inlaid stone.


These earrings will be made for you ini 4-5 weeks.


Stones will inevitably vary naturally by pattern and color, but will always be hand chosen for their unique attributes and beauty. 

YITM is proud to have sourced our beautiful stones direct from miners across the USA.